Pamper yourself prior to your session!

Feel your "best self" prior to your session. Go get that haircut and color, nails done, outfits organized. Being prepared for your session is a foot into a more pleasurable experience, no one will smile their best when stressed!

Depending on what time your session is make sure to grab something to eat prior to getting the kids dressed. Don't forget potty breaks before you leave the house. See below for a Session Day checklist!



Jewelry, scarves, or any other accessories are great! Especially if it has some sort of personal meaning to you (class ring, gift from a loved one, heirloom, etc).


Solid colors, subtle patterns, and textures; this adds a lot of visual interest to the portrait without distracting the viewer from your face.


Classic Timeless Styles. Electing for an outfit that is classic and timeless over something particularly trendy is always a good choice. Fashion trends come and go but these portraits will last a lifetime. You may want to select clothing that won’t make you look silly in twenty years.


Your feet will show! Coordinate your socks (no white socks with dark pants and dark shoes, no crazy pattern neon socks etc.). Make sure shoes are clean and match your outfit. 


if we are shooting on location, you will be walking. Wear comfy shoes until we get where we are going and then change into your heels. Walking in the grass with stilettos is not easy 😉

Encouraged Clothing


Form fitting clothing for the ladies. Selecting clothes that hugs your shape is the absolute best option for me to pose you in the most flattering way. I get to focus on you and your best angles rather than battling the bulk and flow of loose fitting clothing that will make you appear larger than you are!


Sleeves. Again, this one is mostly for the ladies. ¾ sleeve shirts are the most flattering for portraits, completely sleeveless can be unflattering for some. However, if you are super confident with yourself feel free to rock those shoulders.


Make sure your hands are clean and nails well groomed. Your hands will be prominent in many of the poses we do.


Wearing your hair "down" can be very flattering for images but if your hair tends to be all over the place at times bring a few bobby pins for safe measure. Tight ponytails can be tricky in an image at certain angles. Don't base your hair style on flyaways, We do our best and take the extra time to let you know when hair is in the way and if we miss any, editing can save the day!

Fellas, Keep in mind when you get a fresh haircut you may have tan lines from where your hair used to be! Try to get haircuts no less than a week or so prior to your session!

AVOID Bold Patterns, Logos, or Words on Your Shirt. Bold patterns, logos, or words on your shirt distract the viewer of the portrait from the subjects’ face.

Matching Plaids / Same shirts for everyone will clash at times. Example: If everyone wants to wear white, play with different textures, accessories, or even add a jean jacket! Layering adds great dimension in portraits.  

AVOID Bulky/”puffer” style vests or coats. These types of clothing make the subject look much larger than they are in real life. Your best bet is to stick with more form fitting clothing to ensure a more flattering portrait for your figure. 



Pets are always welcome! If you are bringing a dog make sure you have a designated handler to care for your pet, or even take them home after we are done photographing with them.   Don't forget their favorite squeaky toy to grab their attention!


The planning process can be so overwhelming! Luckily you have an expert on your team and I am here to help at any time! Just text me 513-512-5882. I am available for "weird" questions, second opinions, or any other support! Please don't hesitate!